I happened to nab Nathaniel Rich’s Odds Against Tomorrow at the library last week. I’ve read nearly everything else I picked up, so it was time to give this one a whirl. (What?! It’s about an actuary.)

I’ve just started – really, I’m only 50 or so pages in – but I wanted to give you the down and dirty. Because this is an awfully compelling read for one about a neurotic actuary. The dude’s got a compulsively readable book. There are plenty of disasters and hints of intrigue and mysterious doings and hidden New England compounds and the promise of something big going down in New York City later – you’ll have to stick around. Or, at least, I have to.

I like it. It’s quirky and not unlike Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. Go grab it. (4 of 5 stars so far, because it’s smirking, just a little.)