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I wasn’t trying to find a summer read, but I think that’s just what I found. Light. Fun. Perhaps too cliche, but worth an eyeroll or two. It was a story that didn’t require a single moment of thinking on my end. Normally, that would drive me insane. But since the reason I picked up Objects was because it was about hoarding, I guess I can’t really throw stones in my glass house. Ahem.

Yes, Objects is about a self-proclaimed organizational expert who is hired to rid a cranky, difficult, aging, famous artist’s house of all its clutter. The artist is in denial and being difficult, and our protrag has to meet her deadline because she needs the bonus. Why does she need the bonus? Because she sold her house and all of her belongings to pay for her teenaged son’s stint in rehab.

A book summary like that hits several of my fictional itches: drama? check. Psychological train wrecks? check. Glimpse of self (via organizational nut)? check. And a guilty pleasure – hoarding? check. [Wait – not that I hoard things. That is not my guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure is seeing all the crap that other people hoard. Totally obsessed. Truly.] Love triangle? Our protag Lucy has three doors…er, um, men…to choose between: the artist’s son who hired her for the job, her boyfriend who became her ex-boyfriend because he couldn’t deal with her son’s drug problem, and the hott guy-next-door type who’s in charge of the muscle for the new job. Check, check, check.

Yes, these fun plot points kept my interest from the first page to the last. Did I wish the story was a little higher-browed, required more from me as a reader? Yes, yes I did. I found Objects to utterly predictable and, at times, far too unbelievable to keep from groaning out loud. The characters sounded flat at times, and none of them – save Marva, our favorite artist and resident hoarder – were memorable. Funnily enough, for about 300 pages, none of that seemed to matter. I found it a nice book to kick off my summer reading – even if there weren’t nearly enough descriptions of the hoarding for my off-the-wall taste.

Overall: 3 of 5 stars. If you enjoy the first chapter, you’ll enjoy the rest of the book.